590 Stories Initiative

The Opportunity

The 590 Stories Initiative offers a rare chance to turn your experiences, insights, and journeys into a professionally crafted eBook. This is not just about writing a book; it’s about sharing a part of yourself that can inspire, influence, and resonate with readers across the globe. Whether it’s overcoming adversity, achieving a lifelong dream, or simply sharing life lessons, your story deserves to be heard.

How It Works

  1. Submission: Interested individuals submit an outline or summary of their story.
  2. Selection Process: Our team reviews submissions and selects stories that align with our mission of inspiring and fostering understanding.
  3. Guided Development: Selected participants are partnered with professional editors and marketing specialists to refine their narrative and craft a compelling eBook.
  4. Professional Editing: Our editing team ensures your story is clear, engaging, and polished.
  5. Cover Design and Formatting: Receive a professionally designed cover and eBook formatting that meets industry standards.
  6. Marketing Support: Benefit from our expertise in eBook marketing to ensure your story reaches its intended audience.
  7. Launch: Celebrate the launch of your eBook, available to readers worldwide.

Why Share Your Story?

Sharing your story can:

  • Empower others facing similar challenges
  • Foster connections and understanding
  • Inspire change and growth
  • Generate income through eBook sales


A nominal fee is required to participate in the 590 Stories Initiative. This fee covers professional editing, cover design, eBook formatting, and marketing support. More importantly, it supports TRC’s ongoing efforts to facilitate meaningful conversations and understanding through storytelling. Details on the fee structure will be provided upon selection for the program.

Ready to Amplify Your Voice?

If you’ve ever felt moved by the stories of others and wondered if your own could make a difference, the answer is yes! Your experiences, resilience, and insights hold the potential to inspire and empower. Let’s work on an eBook to amplify your voice and shed light on matters close to your heart.

For more information and to submit your story, send us an email at contact@trconversations.com