Gender Safe Workplace Pledge

TRC invites companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations to pledge to provide a Gender Safe Workplace for their staff, customers, and local communities.


Gender Safe Workplace Pledge


The Gender Safe Workplace pledge is a public commitment to promote gender equality and provide education to end gender based violence (GBV) in the workplace.

How it Works


Companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations pledge to provide a work environment that promotes gender equality based on the following guidelines:

  • Establish a policy statement on gender equality and consequences for GBV in the workplace
  • Provide ongoing opportunities to learn about gender equality and GBV
  • Sponsor scholarships for students to earn academic credit, transferable to their local school, for learning how to prevent GBV where they live

TRC awards a Gender Safe Workplace certificate for publicly promoting and practicing gender equality in the workplace. The certificate is renewable annually and may be applied for year-round.


Impact & Benefits


TRC and TRONUS, the first sneaker company owned by a female athlete, Santia Deck, have partnered to raise awareness about gender equality. Companies, schools, and nonprofit organizations that adopt the Gender Safe Place pledge have a unique opportunity to benefit from TRONUS and TRC’s community engagements, which include celebrity social media influencers and professional athletes in attendance at events. It’s an effective, impactful way to be recognized for publicly taking a stand in support of gender equality.

Register for the Gender Safe Place certificate and sponsor students to earn academic credit for learning how to prevent GBV where they live.

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