Khalil Osiris

Khalil Osiris is a speaker, author, and social impact pioneer dedicated to fostering education, restorative justice, and societal change. He is the founder of Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC), a volunteer-driven organization dedicated to fostering social impact through community engagement.

Drawing on his experiences with incarceration, Khalil emphasizes personal accountability and reform within the criminal justice system. His seminal work, “Psychology of Incarceration ,” offers profound insights into freedom and self-imposed limitations, influencing prison education and academic discourse nationwide.

In 2011, Khalil embarked on a mission in South Africa, consulting schools, community organizations, and companies on citizen reintegration post-incarceration. Hosting “Each One Teach One,” an award-winning TV show, Khalil was recognized for his impactful role in South Africa's educational programming.

Committed to social change, Khalil initiated a documentary series under TRC, showcasing community transformations through open conversations. The documentaries gained attention for their relevance to racial justice movements, leading to the 2021 TRC Global Summit honoring Nelson Mandela International Day.

Launching a global civic education campaign empowering students to prevent violence against women and girls, Khalil underscores education as a catalyst for societal change.

Khalil Osiris Consulting represents another mile stone in his career, advocating for second chance employment by connecting employers with justice-impacted individuals eager for work and a fresh start.

With over two decades in prison systems and a 25-year professional record, Khalil’s consultancy offers services from motivational speaking to collaborative eBook projects, empowering impacted individuals and communities.

Engaging in talks and workshops on Strategic Advantage, Inclusion, and ROI with Social Impact for business leaders and HR professionals, Khalil advocates for meaningful change. Explore his insights and life’s work further on his blog at, where he shares, "At the heart of every second chance is the power to transform a life, empower a community, and rewrite a story."

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