TRC Partnership
TRC and Reign (Jewel Sanitary Napkins) have partnered to build awareness about feminine health needs and provide safe, healthy products that promote personal wellness. Reign products range from premium sanitary napkins and panty liners to immune-system-supporting natural vitamin sprays that have been rigorously tested to ensure they are safe and effective. Our aim is to prioritize health and wellness as part of our campaign to Take A Stand for Women & Girls.
About Reign

Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins are 100% natural and have 5 variations of pads and liners to meet the unique feminine needs of women and girls.  They’re embedded with the Nobel prize winning material “Graphene” for added absorbency that can hold up to 10 times more fluid than other brands and makes it a superior product in comparison.

Reign Natural Vitamin Sprays support the body’s natural immune system, one spray at a time. It’s a convenient alternative to pills or capsules. Designed for women, men, and children, there’s also a Spray Lean Keto BHB that supports a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. THIS IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON TO BETTER HEALTH.

Our commitment

TRC is committed to prioritizing health and wellness as we build awareness and support for the Take A Stand for Women & Girls campaign. You can support our work by purchasing Reign products.


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