Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC)

TRC is committed to promoting racial reconciliation and gender equality.  We invite you to Experience the TRC Global Summit on racism and participate in the year-round campaign to end gender based violence, #Educate2EndGBV. 

Gender Based Violence (GBV) is learned behavior, generally by males, directed against women, girls, and LGBTQ+. It’s rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power, and harmful norms. GBV knows no racial, social, economic or national boundaries. It intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic to the extent that the United Nations refers to GBV as the “Shadow Pandemic”. GBV is preventable!
Here’s how you can make a difference:


Silence is not an option.

By taking the pledge to end gender based violence, you’re growing awareness and action about the GBV shadow pandemic. Take a stand and  pledge to end gender based violence where you live. Record & share you pledge on social media, add why or how you’ll take action. Tag #educate2endgbv @trconversations.  Join our worldwide community of pledgees!


TRC has launched the Orange Conversations Course to galvanize youth around the world to prevent and end gender based violence where they live through civic education and activism.

Students anywhere in the world may take the TRC Orange Couch Conversations course for FREE. We’re transforming social media into a global classroom. Students complete assignments by sharing their work on social media. Through TRC’s Orange Couch Conversations course they’re using their online presence and power to  advocate and raise awareness to end gender based violence. Students can partner from anywhere in the world and work together on their assignments. Enrollment is year-round. Students may also apply for a scholarship to earn academic credit, transferable to their local schools, for learning how to identify and prevent gender based violence where they live.

We’re putting civic education and activism into action to end gender based violence at schools.


You cannot address GBV without including gender equality. When you hear the term “gender equality” do you think it’s just about women’s rights? A lot of men and women do. The TRC virtual challenge, Run for Gender Equality, highlights the fact that gender equality isn’t just a women’s issue. It concerns, and must fully engage, men and boys as well.

Gender equality doesn’t mean that women and men, and girls and boys, should be treated exactly alike, but it does seek to ensure that they have the same rights, resources, protections, and opportunities.

Register early for the TRC virtual challenge, Run for Gender Equality, happening in September. Now is a great time to start educating yourself about the issue.

According to the UN, “Equality between women and men is a human rights issue and as a precondition for, and indicator of, sustainable people-centered development.”

Please invite your family and friends to register for the event. Your support helps to raise awareness about the importance of valuing different needs, aspirations, and behaviors equally, regardless of gender.

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