Transforming Stories into Bridges of Understanding: The Vision of Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC)

At Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC), our mission is to heal, empower, and unite. In a world marked by divisions, we stand as advocates for racial reconciliation and the rights of women and girls, cultivating a space where meaningful dialogue sparks real action. Through fostering inclusivity, we aim not just to bridge divides but to mend historical wounds, building a global community where every individual is valued and respected.

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590 Stories Initiative

Central to our mission is the 590 Stories Initiative, a bold endeavor that empowers individuals to share their personal journeys. By guiding participants in crafting high-quality eBooks, we provide a platform for authentic voices that might otherwise go unheard. We believe in the power of personal stories to foster empathy, challenge perceptions, and inspire change, making this initiative a cornerstone of our effort to bring about reconciliation and understanding.


Second Chance eBook Series

In collaboration with Mandela Media and DMA United, TRC is proud to launch the Second Chance eBook Series, a pioneering initiative that champions social justice and second chance employment. This series brings to light the stories of justice-impacted individuals, nonprofit leaders, and visionary employers who are committed to building an inclusive workforce. By highlighting these narratives, we aim to dismantle barriers, encourage empathy, and advocate for policies and practices that offer second chances to those who seek them. It’s more than a collection of stories; it’s a movement toward a more equitable and compassionate world.

Text image showing instructions on how to take the TRC Pledge

Silence is no longer an option. We urge individuals and communities to take the TRC Pledge, committing to end violence against women and girls. By sharing this pledge on social media, we hope to create a wave of activism that encourages others to stand up, speak out, and act to make our communities safer and more equitable for all.


As members of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, TRC aligns with a global network dedicated to creating an economic system that benefits both people and the planet. Our participation underscores our belief that moral and market imperatives can unite to form a more inclusive, sustainable, and trusted world.

Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) envisions a future where every story has the power to heal, every voice the power to inspire. Join us as we transform narratives into bridges of understanding, creating a world where reconciliation is not just an ideal, but a reality.


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