About TRC

Championing Equity & Understanding

At Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC), our mission is to heal, empower, and unite. We advocate for racial reconciliation, women's rights, and second chances, fostering dialogue that leads to action. By promoting inclusivity, we aim to bridge divides, heal historical wounds, and create a global community where everyone is valued and respected.

Turn Your Story into an eBook

At Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC), we are committed to harnessing the transformative power of storytelling to promote social justice and reconciliation. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, we extend our reach across the United States and South Africa, striving to bridge divides through our comprehensive eBook services. Our eBooks are designed to turn personal and community stories into compelling narratives that foster understanding ... Read more

Social Justice & Second Chances

In collaboration with Mandela Media and DMA United, TRC introduced the Second Chance eBook Series. This innovative initiative focuses on promoting social justice and second chance employment. The series highlights the stories of justice-impacted individuals, nonprofit leaders, and employers striving for inclusivity in the workforce. Our goal is to remove barriers, cultivate empathy, and support policies that offer second chances to those in ... Read more

A Journey Toward Transformation

Our journey at Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) is deeply rooted in the principles of social justice and advocacy for second chance employment. Our founder's personal experience of spending 20 years within the prison system, coupled with over 25 years as a successful professional, has shaped our mission and approach. This unique perspective fuels our commitment to driving change through education, advocacy, and social impact. At TR... Read more

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