Katrina Butler
TRC Ambassador

I am Katrina Butler, a resilient advocate who has transformed life's adversities into opportunities to empower others facing similar challenges. Rooted in a deep passion for leveraging personal experiences and spiritual beliefs to support and connect with others, I have dedicated my career to legal advocacy and providing resources for justice-impacted individuals.

Founder of "Different Souls on One Accord," a social impact consulting company, and "So Far So Close" nonprofit, I have spearheaded numerous initiatives addressing various facets of reentry and criminal justice reform with the focus of:

• Advocating against the incarceration of maternal and domestic violence survivors
• Advocating against over incarceration of the youth
• Advocating for innocent lifers
• Post Conviction legal resources
• Family reunification support
• Authoring children’s books that make space for children’s voices who are affected    by the incarceration of a loved one
• Storytelling through public speaking

Dedicated to empowering women impacted by injustice and trauma, my So Far So Close, Rediscover YOU program focuses on providing resources to support overturning unfair and lengthy criminal sentences of mothers and domestic violence victims, healing the trauma resulting from incarceration, and supporting the healing path towards self-worth of women. As a life coach and peer mentor, I help women achieve their goals by providing guidance and support to promote a holistic approach towards a healthy fulfilled life they can feel empowered and accomplished.

With a Diploma in Accounting from Central Georgia Technical College and ongoing studies in Sociology at Georgia State University and Criminal Justice at Strayer University, I blend academic expertise with practical experience.

Certified as a Social Justice Life Coach from Morehouse School of Medicine and in Restorative Justice Principles and Practices, I offer comprehensive guidance and legal advocacy to overturn unfair sentences and facilitate healing from incarceration-related trauma. As a life coach and peer mentor, I empower women to achieve holistic personal and professional growth, emphasizing the importance of standing on one's truth and fostering resilience.

Driven by a commitment to advocating for higher education, raising awareness about justice- impacted individuals, and promoting alternative sentencing, I stand firm in my belief in the power of truth and personal growth. My journey is a testament to resilience, and I strive to continue making a positive impact, standing on the truth, and working towards the betterment of humanity through reentry resource services for the justice-impacted community.

I live by the words, “Never forget where you came from and stand on your truth no matter what! It is only when we stand on our truth that we can foster personal growth and work towards the betterment of humanity."

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