Khalil Osiris

Khalil Osiris is a speaker, author, and social impact pioneer. As an advocate for education and personal accountability, he refused to let his twenty years of incarceration define him. Instead, he saw it as an opportunity to grow, earning both his bachelor's and master's degrees. His motto was clear: "turn the cell into a classroom and prison into a university."

Pioneering the "Psychology of Incarceration"

While incarcerated, Osiris developed the "Psychology of Incarceration" curriculum, which has since been widely implemented in correctional and academic settings across the country. Rooted in criminogenic needs research, this curriculum challenges traditional perspectives on incarceration and reentry. Drawing from personal experiences, it emphasizes how "prison symbolizes self-imposed limitations and freedom is a choice."

Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers

Post-release, Osiris founded Truth & Reconciliation Conversations (TRC), a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization committed to fostering social change through community engagement. TRC champions racial reconciliation, women's rights, and second chances, sparking vital conversations that lead to meaningful change. In recognition of his impactful work, Osiris was honored with the 2023 Atlanta Black Chambers Community Advocate of the Year Award.

Expanding Impact Globally

Osiris' influence extends well beyond the United States. In South Africa, he has made significant contributions as a consultant and host of the TV show "Each One Teach One," which earned the 2016 South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) for Best Factual Educational Programme. Currently, he serves as a senior adviser for Mandela Media and DMA United, where he globally promotes the Second Chance eBook Series - advocating for social justice and second chance employment.

Share Your Justice-Impacted Story

Khalil Osiris invites individuals with justice-impacted stories to share their narratives. If you or someone you know has a compelling story that could be featured in an eBook, reach out to him at [email protected]. Discover engaging eBook excerpts and more in the TRC Resource Library. 

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