Reign Customer Bundle

Reign Customer Bundle


Customer Bundle: The Reign Customer Bundle consists of four packs of Reign Sanitary Napkins.

1 - Super Heavy Overnight

1 - Heavy

1 - Moderate

1 - Ultra Thin Liner

A customer bundle of Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins consists of four packs of Reign. The Ultra Thin Panty Liner, Moderate Flow, Heavy Flow and a the Super Heavy Flow- Overnight. The Reign innovative design offers a Nobel Prize material "Graphene". The graphene strip may provide health benefits to potentially help with circulatory health, cell activity, and metabolic health. In addition, it may prevent growth of harmful bacteria. We recommend purchasing our models based on your feminine flow type, to meet its match.

The Reign Customer Bundle consist of 4 Models: 1 Super Heavy Overnight pack, 1 Heavy Flow pack, 1 Moderate Flow pack, and 1 pack of Ultra Thin Panty Liners


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