Take the TRC Pledge

Take the TRC Pledge to stop violence against women and girls in your community.

How It Works

1. Record Your Pledge

Start by recording a video on your phone. Share your commitment to combat domestic and gender-based violence or explain how you plan to make a positive difference.

2. Spread the Word

Share your video on social media, tag us @trconversations, and use #takeastand. Your pledge raises awareness and encourages others to join the cause.

3. Rally Your Circle

While change starts with one person, it grows with collective effort. Invite your friends, family, and colleagues to take the TRC Pledge. Together, we can amplify our voices and create a real impact.

TRC Pledge


The TRC Pledge is a commitment to advocate for men and boys to actively participate in stopping violence against women and girls within their communities. You can take the pledge by visiting our website at trconversations.com and following the instructions provided.

There are several ways to engage with our organization, including sharing your stories in an eBook, becoming a TRC Ambassador, hosting a TRC Talk, signing up for our newsletter, or supporting women reintegrating after incarceration through purchases from the TRC shop.

Yes, you can contribute your story to either the 590 Stories or Second Chance eBook Series. Your story will be transformed into an engaging eBook to inspire others. For submission guidelines and more details, please visit our website.

TRC Talks are structured discussions designed to foster unity, build empathy, and create meaningful relationships within communities. If you're interested in hosting a TRC Talk, you can find more information and application forms on our website.

By purchasing products like Jewel Sanitary Napkins, known as Reign, from the TRC store, you support women and girls' health and wellness, aiding in their reintegration after incarceration with essential feminine care products. Your purchase directly contributes to this cause.