TRC Talks
Truth and Reconciliation Conversations (TRC) is dedicated to breaking down racial barriers through meaningful conversations about reconciliation. We believe that the only way forward is to engage in meaningful dialogue, understanding, and collaboration between individuals of different backgrounds.

TRC recognizes that everyone has a role to play in creating a more inclusive society, and works towards this goal by providing resources and guidance for having productive conversations about race and difference. 

We understand that conversations about racial reconciliation can feel uncomfortable or even intimidating, but with open minds and hearts we can bridge the gap of misunderstanding between us. Together, we can explore our collective history, share stories, exchange experiences and knowledge, challenge assumptions, challenge stereotypes, and listen to one another with respect. 

TRC is committed to supporting initiatives which promote intercultural understanding and mutual respect. We are actively working to create a safe environment where everyone can speak without fear or judgement. With honesty, compassion, trust-building exercises, education resources, public events focused on dialogue and collaboration – together we can overcome the barriers of prejudice that prevent true reconciliation from taking place.

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