Championing Women & Girls' Health & Wellness

Support women and girls' health and wellness with every purchase at our shop. Choose Jewel Sanitary Napkins, known as Reign, to aid women reintegrating after incarceration. Help spread awareness of the benefits for yourself, loved ones, or women/girls you care about.



Share your experience with Jewel Sanitary Napkins! Email me at [email protected] with your story, including your first name and location. Please note that individual experiences may vary. The Jewel corporate company refrains from making medical claims about Reign products.


Heidi, Pennsylvania

I've been using Jewel and I love it! It does not even feel like I'm wearing anything, I can't even believe it and what's even more amazing is that I normally get really bad cramps on day one and no pain at all! Thank you for introducing me to Jewel

Felicia, New Jersey

This is my second month using the Jewel Pads and my cycle went from 7 days to 3.5 days. I'm so excited and thankful that you introduced me to such an amazing product. Oh and my flow was next to nothing. I need the world to know and understand the importance of having a product that can and will change for your life.

Glinda, Texas

I have been using this Jewel Panty Liners since I got them in June. I have had hot flashes since my early twenties. I has subsided the hot flashes tremendously. They are the right size & very comfortable! I am a committed customer!